iq Professional Music Double Rattan Shaker

iq Professional Music Double Rattan Shaker

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IQ Plus double ratten shaker is made from natural and non-endangered rattan woven into a bell-shaped shell.  This instrument can create a wide variety of sounds and can be played as a rattle to drive the beat of music.  Children can shake the beads against the side or against harder coconut shell bottom for different sounds.  They can experiment with many different ways of shaking the instrument to produce different sounds and rhythms.  This IQ Plus instrument is great for keeping time in a percussion ensemble or to accompany music in a classroom.


IQ Plus Double Ratten Shaker Features:


-  Made from natural rattan woven to create a bell-like shape, with a coconut shell bottom

-  Produces raspy, cutting sounds

- Very durable and light weight (0.14kg)